What are the phases of project? Project Management Training

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The Phases of Project Every project small, medium or large has multiple phases from Initiation to closure of a Project. Project phases numbers and names may vary as per organisations workflow. They are pretty same throughout all methodologies. Basically break up projects into an initial phase, a strategic phase, an execution phase and a wrap up or final phase. Many companies or organisations also have custom phases as per their work environment. Projects are generally specified in 4 main phases: Discovery or Pre-Planning Planning Execution or Implementation Closure All Project…

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What is Project Management? Learn the basics of PM

project management

Project Management in simple terms defined as to manage a project. It involves managing the resources, budget allocated for project, scheduling, and deliverables. Project Management involves phases to monitor, complete, deliver the project on schedule and within budget. What is a Project? A Project is an activity that can be done over a period of time involving group of tasks, people, money and deliverables. In simple terms anything that involves time, money or people is a Project. Projects differentiated as small, medium and large scale projects. Depending on the nature…

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