6 Unobvious Tips to Cut the Cost of Your Divorce


Literally, in all cases, divorce is an expensive process that ends up draining one’s mind, body, and financial status. There are distinct ways in which couples can make up their minds and purpose to resolve their issues together and stay together once again as a husband and wife.

But in the event that couples cannot agree on the way forward to sustain and salvage their marriage, there are ways in which as they break the marriage, they would do it in a less expensive way such that even as they part ways, they will have something to help them start life all over again.

Below are 6 tips to cut the cost of your Divorce.

Considering to go through an online divorce:

This is a process where partners who have resolved to end their marriage use online means to file for their break up instead of using an attorney. It is not only an easy way of ending a marriage, but it is cheap, and divorce papers are available online.  You can click here to find out more.

In order to qualify for this method, one needs to go through the platform that helps in the process of divorce and once considered eligible to use it after a short interview which has friendly questions; you are allowed to file the papers online, never attend to court proceedings and get a decree in a short period.

One of the advantages of online divorce is that it is cheap and easy and cost-effective. Your information is also kept private and in as much as breaking the marriage is hard, the legal process makes it less straining.


Mediation is whereby the partners invite a neutral person who will help them to work out on the issues about their divorce and have them resolved beforehand to reduce the costs of hiring an attorney which is an expensive process. A mediator walks the spouses through on the underlying issues such as working on the child custody, distribution of the assets, retirement benefits, and also the maintenance of the children. Once the issues are resolved, ending a marriage becomes an amicable process that is cheap and manageable. Even when the decree is made, the Ex-spouses will not be mentally tortured, thinking of how they will manage their children since some money is already saved. However, this method requires the couple to have agreed in advance and ready to forfeit some decisions to make the entire process a smooth one. Try this link to know more about divorce mediation.

Do it Yourself Method:

Ending a marriage is often a bewildering time considering that the person you once loved can no longer stand you. However, it does not have to be difficult, expensive, and straining. Do it yourself divorce is whereby one can get separation on the internet by getting do it yourself divorce papers online which are given free of charge by the states. One has an option of downloading the papers and filling them at their pleasure.

However, this method is only applicable when there is an uncontested divorce, and the partners have agreed on child custody, division of assets, and maintenance of the children, and if this is the case, then the cost is reduced drastically.

In Do it yourself, there is need to have an attorney review the papers after filling to avoid back and forth of the documents in the courts which may delay the process, and the couples may lose confidence in the process.

It also becomes an easy way because once you forward the divorce papers to the court clerk and they are certified okay, court fees paid, you will only wait to be given a date where decree will be made, and the process is over.

Organize yourself when meeting the Attorney:

When you have a contested divorce; it becomes an obvious thing that considering going through the attorney will be the only way out. As much as the attorney is deemed to be expensive, there are ways in which one can make the process less expensive.

For example, if you organize yourself in order as you plan to meet the Attorney, it will help you resolve most of the issues in a short time. Take an advance plan on the topic you intend to be discussed, for instance, the custody of children; plan well in advance who you expect to maintain the custody and use the least time possible with the lawyer. This is because most of them will charge on an hourly basis, and the more you stay with them, the more charges increase. Remember that time is money and as such as you plan to meet the attorney, prepare all questions on one page, and have a glance on the way forward for each one of them. In the event, there are issues that you can handle on your own, then tackle them and minimize the costs that the lawyer may add to your bill.

Also seek to get full information on how the Attorney intends to charge the entire process to the end, like will the fee be inclusive of the printing, how about the administrative assistant costs? When you consider all this, you will be in a better position.

Hiring an Attorney whom you are comfortable talking to:

When your lawyer is dull and a person who wants to dictate in all ways, it becomes difficult to share information with them, and as such, one may tend to conceal some information which may have made the case look easy and less straining. Divorce does not have to be a complicated process when it comes to the legal point of view, and a lawyer who possesses excellent communication skills will go a long way in helping one to manage the cost that could otherwise delay the entire process. If you are not free with the attorney, then even litigating the case will be a tough thing. Therefore get an Attorney whom you are open with and allow for faster escalation of the issues at hand, and this will reduce the expenses a huge deal.

Assets disclosure:

It is essential to disclose all the assets that you have as a family so that during the divorce settlement process, each person is objectively given his or her share. This is because there are hefty fines imposed on a person who fails to disclose such assets during the annulment process and if this is identified before the decree is made, one may suffer consequences that you may leave to regret. One can end up losing the entire settlement share in the event of non- disclosure. This can also be considered as a criminal act which can lead to jail. To avoid such unnecessary cost, adhere to the guidelines, and all will be well.


As you start on the process of separation, whether contested or uncontested, consider putting down the things that you have agreed upon first, and you may end up finding that what requires support from a mediator or a lawyer is minimal and as such costs are reduced without much of a hustle. Ensure that you get as much information as possible that pertain the divorce process. This will be an eye-opener as the process takes place. You will understand what is necessary to be charged, what is to be avoided, and what you can do by yourself.

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