15 Best Putlocker Alternatives to Watch Free Movies Online

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Putlocker was one of the most sorted online movie portals, where you could watch your favourite movies and free. At the end of 2016, the Putlocker.ch site was closed after a high court blocked the website in the UK. However, before turning off Putlocker.ch, Putlocker.ch was ranked among Alexa 250 most visited websites by Alexa Internet. Since the closure of the Putlocker.ch website, many people are looking for a new site mirror to look for free TV shows and films, the Putlocker alternatives or the Putlocker. Therefore, we have decided to make a list of Putlocker’s top 15 options, so that you can see your popular and latest movies online for free.

Putlocker Alternatives – Similar to Putlocker.ch

Putlocker website was banned in several countries since it gave pirated streaming links to users. Although Putlocker.ch was the only website giving this kind of service, it absolutely was the most common one and this was the main cause for its demise.

While Putlocker never recorded any copyrighted content on its database, Putlocker, however, hosted connections to such content, which is why Putlocker was closed. As soon as the website went down, several Putlocker alternatives seemed to offer similar service if not numerous, to fill the void.

So, if you were a regular user of Putlocker and are watching for ways to enjoy Putlocker free movies, here are the top 5 Putlocker.ch options picks you must review out right now:

1. Putlocker.kz

When this site was created, streaming fans were quite comfortable as it is one great option for the original Putlocker site. Putlocker.kz offers freeway for a large public with a diverse choice of interest. It highlights all the latest movies and set along with the most popular ones of the season.

2. PutlockerHD.cc

Putlockerhd.cc is basically the same – almost. The excellent thing about this site is that it lets you stream online but it doesn’t end there. It also allows you to download several movies and television to see later the go without internet. It has sort such as drama, animation, action, thriller, comedy, war, magic, crime and so much more.

For better streaming speed without any buffering, combine to Fastest. It is a single solution to streaming online without any speed throttling or any such delays.

3. Putlocker.onl

Putlocker.onl is a website where a user has full way to stream movies and TV shows online with ease and at ease. Users like this platform as it has the newest movies and TV series that can be run without any issues or a requirement to sign up for an account.

However, while streaming you require to be connected to FastestVPN of course. Not just for safety, but also to block irritating and frustrating ads that pop up. Say goodbye to all rejected ads with the Ad Blocker trait that Fastest VPN has to offer.

4. Putlocker News Site 2019 – Putlocker.cz

This is one and the identical as any other except it is just a durable place to watch movies online for free. They have a large menu that represents different genres and categories as well. The movies can also be examined and refined with respect to countries or regions. For example, you can search ‘United States’ in the people section and you will get All United States Movies in one place.

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5. Putlockers.cafe

Putlockers.cafe is yet a different alternative that works extremely well for all streaming lovers. It has levels from most watched, most famous, latest movies, latest series and more that make it simpler for the user to choose from in case they are relying on the website for something exciting and they already don’t have a pick.

The website has over 40 classes from Romance, Drama, and Comedy to Science Fiction, Mystery and Crime – they include it all. They even have a genre for children which just means that it is a goal for all ages groups to like streaming.

6. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is a bit distinct than Putlocker in terms of the overall interface, but it is still one of the safest Putlocker alternatives for watching free movies and TV shows. To view movies with Popcorn Time, you will want to download its app rather than see it on a browser. The Popcorn Time app is small and is super simple to install on different devices. Once you have the app, you can explore your favourite movie title, choose it and then play.

With the Popcorn Time app, you will be capable to find an extensive range of content sections including the latest shows and movies that you can see. So, you can recognize Popcorn Time to be the top Putlocker options to stream shows and movies.


Solar Movie is a different highly rated website like Putlocker for watching TV shows and videos online. The website interface is simple to use and reliable and is quick to browse. You will be ready to find a ton of movie and shows on Solar Movie via their research option or you can browse through its ample range of content categories.

You will find all the advanced and popular shows and movies. The streaming is stable, and you would face no buffering issues if you have a reliable internet connection. When you search for a movie, a popup will appear, you can choose a watch to play the movie directly. Solar Movie is a great Putlocker option for sure.


FMovies is related to Solar Movie and Putlocker but its website interface is much reliable. It also has a larger database of Hollywood shows and movies. However, it displays a bit of pain to watch movies at peak time and sometimes it can take seconds to do so. Still, the content sections are well sorted, and the overall user activity is what makes FMovies top Putlocker alternatives like theputlockerhub.me.

Watch movies or shows on FMovies, you can explore and select your movie then you will be charged to the movie page where the streaming will begin automatically. Beware, sometimes you will be conducted to additional adverts when you play a movie.

9. 123MOVIES

123Movies has become a surprisingly popular option for streamers to watch popular and latest movies and records online. Though the website has features problems and has gone down quite a few times, it has come back with a separate URL now.

 Though many people think this version to a clone of the original website, the website sees the same as Putlocker.ch and works moderately well. It is super easy to use and gives a broad category of movies and shows. You can also explore and movies from many countries simply by choosing your preferred region. You can view 123Movies to be other top Putlocker alternatives to stream TV shows and movies.

10. Kodi

When speaking about Putlocker alternatives to watch movies and shows, Kodi is one of the greatest benefits you get to hear. Kodi is a streaming media player that enables you to watch your preferred content for free such as movies, TV shows, documentary, anime, and more by connecting best Kodi addons.

There are several popular Kodi add-ons that you can connect to watch your favourite and latest movies and programs and installing them is not that difficult as well. Kodi not only lets you watch your favourite content but also enables you to stream live IPTV channels on your favourite devices. So, Kodi is my number one selection for top Putlocker alternatives and you can see the app on your device from its website surely.

The Kodi interface is unlike any another. Though it can be sometimes a bit hard to get your favourite add-ons, particularly third-party addons that go down every now and then, the user interface is very nice and once you have a grasp on the app, you can stream anything you need without any trouble. So, it the best opportunity to view as best Putlocker alternatives to watching your favourite movie shows.

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11. Watch Online Series

Are you a TV show addict with lots of shows lined up but hardly any streaming sites free to provide the entertainment need? From terror thrillers to romantic comedies, Watch Online Series has it completely. Most of the TV shows are accessible in the best quality and each HD episode has a point of 2 mirrors.

While this site is an outstanding resort to watch your favourite TV shows and unusual Putlocker alternatives, it is thoroughly enjoyed with an ad-blocker. Therefore, a FastestVPN connection is almost essential as its ad-blocker focus stops all annoying ads from popping up on the screen

12. Primewire

Primewire is the yet different website that is a lot of valuable and engaging movies of all genres. From Hollywood to Bollywood – all movies of all kinds are available here. The only downside of this Putlocker.ch option is that its layout is antiquated and thus seems very unpleasant. Other than that, there are no significant problems or issues that were ever highlighted as most users just care about the content and not the purpose anyway.

The movies are all possible in at least 3 video qualities: low, medium or high. This is surely an asset and if you are low on internet data and don’t have Wi-Fi, you can pick from different qualities and enjoy without having to bother about data allocation.

13. Rainierland

Rainierland is raining with top-notch content – both in terms of quality and size. The trending videos are shown directly on the homepage of the website, so you don’t have to take any to catch up with the advanced hits of the film world.

If you are an able judge when it comes to knowing in movies, and don’t agree one bit on quality, then Rainierland is your go-to spot after Putlocker.ch.

14. Popcornflix

Popcornflix is a la-la land for movie lovers having a wealth trove of movies available. It is the point where you forget about Netflix since the end it has it that you can experience watching movies without paying any money! All movies are accessible on the site in HD quality in their primary language.

If you are not too certain of what to watch, just open up the website and search through the category section to see something of your interest – from action to comedy and sci-fi to passion. Just attach to a VPN to be unknown and steer clear of any monitoring by authorizations.

15. Los Movies

Los Movies has a huge collection of movies and TV shows in all classes. For this Putlocker alternative, even extensive is an underestimate given that it has a 2000-page long record of all content collectively. The search engine enables you to conveniently explore for movies by name.

You can also seek for trending movies or if you are subtitle person, then seek for movies with subtitles only. Again, the disadvantage this site has is all streamers worst nightmare – pop-ups and countless advertisements pointing to all sorts of different sites. The disadvantage is also covered with FastestVPN which is matched with ad-blocker and malware protection innovations to avoid any such pop-ups or the warnings they bring with them.


How to View Putlocker Securely, Privately and Anonymously?

FastestVPN provides streaming on Putlocker or any other online streaming website with full safety and anonymity. It enables to create a secret hole between the website and yourself so that no one can have access to your activity, no one can monitor it, maintain accounts or even control what watch – not even your Internet Service Provider.

Watch Putlocker securely and anonymously, here are the measures to follow:

  • Make a FastestVPN subscription
  • Download and Fix FastestVPN app for your device
  • You can also configure FastestVPN with the router
  • Join to one of many servers of FastestVPN as per your necessary
  • Enjoy free and unlimited access to Putlocker.ch stream without any hiccups!

Conclusion – Putlocker Alternatives

There you go! Top five Putlocker alternatives that will enable you to watch your favorite movies and programs in the high quality. The websites we suggest may not be Putlocker – esque, they do offer comparable or better quality and more in terms of streaming content. So if you need to watch all the advanced movies and TV shows just like you use to on Putlocker, these are the Putlocker alternatives that you must go for to meet your streaming requirements.

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