Don’t Miss Out These Important Topics from SSC CGL Syllabus

ssc cgl syllabus smartkela

SSC Combined Graduate Level (CGL) examination 2019 is only some months away. It is also high time the candidates start their preparations to qualify the examinations to be recruited in Group B and Group C posts in the Government of India. The SSC CGL tier-1 examinations also will be conducted in the month of March and the tier-2 dates have been slated in the month of June.  SSC CGL examination is held in four phases. To crack all the phases and ensure a job in the Central Government, the candidates…

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Homework Assignment Writing Tips – Change Your Attitude to Writing Once and for All

homework assignment writing

Have you ever watched some people do their job and thought they were made just for it? Indeed, different personalities are born with inclinations to different types of professions and. As students, we can link it to subjects. Our innate talents are the agents of change when it comes to studies or choosing professions. Very often they determine how good you will be at sciences, at writing, art or sports. This is one of the reasons why certain types of people find it a pleasure to write college essays, while…

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8 Expert Tips to Teach Essay Writing to Your Children

teach essay writing to children

The ability to write an essay consists of several skills. Sometimes, even a first grader can learn some. Others are easier to master these skills closer to 10-11 years. In this article, we will discuss how parents can teach their children to express their thoughts in writing. If the child isn’t able to write essays correctly, then a professional paper writing service online may be needed.  1. Free Writing  If a child often writes his own texts on various occasions, then he will not have problems with essays. Therefore, first,…

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Software to Help Calculate your Crypto-Tax

crypto tax

Cryptocurrencies are growing in popularity globally. The technology that underpins these currencies, blockchain, is also gaining traction across the globe. Cryptocurrencies are also digital assets that can be used as a medium of exchange for online transactions. These digital assets are also secured through strong cryptography and use a peer-to-peer (P2P) network to conduct transactions.  Cryptocurrencies in India In April 2018 the Government of India (GOI) and the Reserve of Bank (RBI) imposed stringent regulations on cryptocurrencies in India. Before April 2018 there was a sharp rise in cryptocurrency trading…

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How to Write an Essay without Mistakes

write an essay

A person’s literacy is considered to be his/her calling card. Communication with a person who correctly expresses his/her thoughts is much more pleasant than reading the same sentence for a number of times, correct multiple mistakes, and guess the meaning. Do you want to write essays without mistakes? The most effective way is to ask professional writers from to complete your paper from scratch. You can also edit the one you’ve written on your own. This method is the best one when you need to improve your grades quickly.…

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Healthy and Happy Old Ages: 5 Tips to Take into Consideration

healthy and happy old ages

They say, being a senior is boring and tiresome. There is no bigger misconception of Happy old ages. Being elderly means spending your free time as you want. It also means meeting new people and enjoying freedom. You don’t need to get up early in the morning and go to work. You can devote hours to your favorite hobbies. Yet, there is also one problem that is able to spoil everything. If you are not healthy enough, then your abilities are limited. Moreover, a single visit to the doctor may…

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Get an a+ for an Essay: Essay Help for Foreign Students

essay help

Considering that many native speakers find it difficult to wade through the jungle of rules and formats for writing an essay, it is not surprising that many students need help writing essays. It is very disappointing if a student, to the best of his knowledge of the language, even with perfect research on the subject, cannot get a high score, making stupid mistakes when writing term papers.  In this case, there is nothing better than the time-tested and reliable cheap essay writing service that can help you write and edit…

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Helpful Homework Tips for Students

homework tips

For a first-year student, studying may seem like the most difficult process in life. Comprehend “how to study and do the homework correctly” so as not to graze the back and being on a par with the best will greatly ease the whole process of learning. Here are our top 7 homework tips for students including tips for doing the technical assignments. Do Your Homework! Teachers give homework assignments for a reason. This is so that you join the material covered. Plan your free time to do your homework. You…

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6 Ways to Make Your Summer Break Worthwhile

summer break

Summer is the season that most high school, college, and university students look forward to throughout the year. It’s the warmest time of the year, with hot weather and sunny days. It’s the time when you can finally breathe a sigh of relief and start something new. In summer, you have an opportunity to forgive yourself for mistakes you have made during the year and begin a completely new page of your life. In short, the end of the college year is a perfect chance to close one chapter and…

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Top 8 Pieces of Advice to Succeed with Your Pulmonary Fellowship

pulmonary fellowship

It’s an exciting time as you transition from residency to pulmonary fellowship. However, this period can feel overwhelming as you prepare to learn a new specialty and plan for your academic pursuits. You probably aced your pulmonary fellowship personal statement, or are looking for motivation to work on it. Whatever your situation, this article is for you. The Value of Fellowship Training As a subspecialty fellow, you are expected to be self-motivated and directed in your educational and career development. Also, you need to take a proactive approach to your…

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