List of Top Mass Communication Colleges in Dehradun

The Ultimate List of Top Mass Communication Colleges in Dehradun

Mass communication is a type of course for undergraduate students that deals with the process of dispersing any information to a group of people. In most cases, the duration of these courses is three years. It is divided into six semesters which covers a wide range of topics including the events, practices, theories, and whatnot. We have covered the list of the top mass communication colleges in this article.

A lot of students these days are showing interest to study mass communication but they face great difficulty when it comes to choosing the ideal college for this course.

There are several colleges that prepare students for mass communication but there are several factors that a student needs to consider while choosing their college. This includes the way of training or teaching, the infrastructure, cost, and the location of the college. However, the course of mass communication isn’t limited to journalism only.

There are other aspects of this course, such as gathering news, filming, advertising, and maintaining public relations, and a lot more. Especially, in the last few years, the field of this mass communication has evolved a lot. It has now become an interactive way to converge many aspects of human life.

The best part of studying mass communication is that the student can develop a huge potentiality to land the best job after pursuing this course. However, the future scope for any student largely relies on the quality of the college.

Therefore, one must pick the best college for studying mass communication. Let’s take a look at the list of the top mass communication colleges in Dehradun: 

1. BFIT Mass Communication College

BFIT or also known as Baba Farid Institute of Technology is the most prestigious and one of the oldest colleges in Dehradun. Established back in the year 2002, the institute has garnered huge popularity under the list of the top mass communication colleges in Dehradun. It offers several other courses along with mass communication.

This includes UG, diploma, PG in several fields like food technology, biotechnology, information technology, agriculture, hotel management, forestry, chemistry, botany, etc.

Besides providing an excellent atmosphere to students, it offers a healthy environment that helps to develop the characteristics of a student too. The institute has also achieved several awards and recognition across the globe for its educational excellence. 

2. IMS Unison University (IUU)

IMS Unison University is one of the top-rated universities in India among the management institutes. It has a rich experience of over 24 years in the educational field. Also, it has garnered huge popularity for its educational excellence.

IUU offers several programs at the doctoral, undergraduate, and postgraduate levels in the field of mass communication, hospitality management, liberal arts, and management law.

It was established by the state government of Uttarakhand two decades ago. The best part is that students can increase their future scope of landing into the best job once they pursue their mass communication from such prestigious colleges.

The top recruiters like Reliance, Wipro peripherals, and BYJUs conduct interviews for students of IUU. So, one can build a decent career after they study at IUU. 

3. Doon Business School

Doon business school or also known as DBS is among the top-rated colleges for mass communication in Dehradun. As per India Today’s ranking, it holds the position of 27th all over India. Students can pursue courses in management, computer application, mass communication, commerce, agriculture, and allied science, at postgraduate and undergraduate levels.

DBS College conducts the admission process basis on the merit and entrance exam results of the students. Currently, the college has afflication with the Uttarakhand technical university.

Ever since it comes to existence, the college has garnered huge popularity for its educational excellence. However, the entrance exam is a bit difficult to crack. So, students need to prepare enough to get through this prestigious college. It’s because there are innumerable reasons to study mass communication

 4. Graphic Era Hill University (GEHU)

Graphic Era Hill University is one of the top-tier colleges in Dehradun for mass communication students. It was established back in the year 1996 as a nonprofit organization.

It offers several courses at undergraduate, postgraduate, and diploma levels in several fields like management, commerce, computer applications, law, etc. Students must pass the entrance test for admission to this prestigious college. The shortlisted students will undergo a counseling session before the final selection.

Students must prepare themselves accordingly when they’re looking for the best colleges in Dehradun for studying mass communication. After all, the courses are a bit difficult and it requires expert assistance to understand each segment of the syllabus meticulously.

One must dedicate enough time and attention to prepare for this course. But, the prudent choice would be to select an ideal college for mass communication to get professional’s assistance. This is the list of the best colleges in Dehradun for studying mass communication. 

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