Things to know about common SEO mistakes

seo mistakes

Getting into the market is very competitive today and no business can hope to thrive without any solid marketing plan. Businesses relate to marketing themselves needs a solid SEO plan for their websites. SEO planning by experts and a proven strategy need on competitive analysis. So, it becomes a part of making your business grow with professionally managed SEO services. When you are making your SEO strategy you should know where things can go off track.

In the recent past, Google has decreased the ranks of websites with spam backlinks. Low quality and less content measure is another concerns. If you are looking for Google adSense account, you will see google terms and conditions. The actual thing that affects your website ranking is how you deliver your content, how you promote your content, and other SEO parameters have more relevance to ranking. These SEO parameters include Quality Backlinks (Backlinks are the links to your webpage from different websites) , Content Curation, Social Bookmarking and Blogpost comments. It helps to trim your expenditure on paid marketing.

Read out the most common popular SEO mistakes so you can avoid while implementing your SEO strategy.

Duplicate content

You are often think that why your webpage not showed up in search results. This depends on how google sees your website. If the same content appears in more than one URL within the same or another website, it consider as duplicate content. This leads to confusing the search engines as to which content is to be list. The conclusion is that no one of your web pages is list in search results. The most common type of duplicate content is in duplicate versions of the homepage. Also make sure with your SEO management team and web development company that there are no duplicate URLs which can again lead to the same problem. You can term this as most common SEO mistakes.

Failing to do content marketing

The SEO team working on your site cannot help boost up the traffic on your site without a solid content strategy in place. A lot of things have changed within the SEO world. Content plays an important role in deciding the success of your digital marketing campaigns. So content marketing is a must today if you want to see results with your SEO mission.

Poor site structure

Generally web developers are not SEO specialists and they do care more about design and functionality of website rather than looking at content and other parameters. While designing the website usually best SEO practices are abandon within the website structure. The site architecture and requirements must be studied in detail by the SEO experts when designing your website. Steps must be taken to rectify the problems and avoid common SEO mistakes. SEO strategy must ensure a seamless connectivity between the different pages of your site.

common seo mistakes

Not flattening the site architecture

Relevant Pages and topics should have cross links. The point need to be noted that there should not be more than 3 same links from homepage to any other page. You need to keep the density of same links from one webpage to other page on your website low. A flat architecture will mean that your website has linked all the different related pages with your targeted keywords. Such on-page optimisation tips can go a long way to support your SEO mission.

Not having a mobile site design for multiple screens

With Mobile first approach Google gives more preference for mobile experience. The number of smartphone users is growing exponentially across the world. Mobile phones account for the majority of traffic to a site. Mobile user experience is more considered while ranking websites by Google. So, it is considered well while designing website and what content should be displayed to user.

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