Ways to Renew Your Marijuana Card in New York

medical marijuana card

The count of medical experts in New York certifying marijuana patients has increased manifold in recent years. Also the growth is visible, with about 1,700 medical practitioners in New York registered to approve medical marijuana patients. Also, a few medical marijuana companies here are aiming at opening massive growing facilities.

When traditional medications don’t work, you can go for medical cannabis. For that, you require a medical marijuana (MMJ) card registered in New York. However, these MMJ cards come with a validity period, typically one year. After a year, you need to get it renewed by a licensed practitioner. Here are ways to renew your medical marijuana card in New York.

Locate a Licensed Physician Near You

Some of the best medical professionals are registered practitioners with the New York State Department of Health for Medical Marijuana Program. Moreover, They can legally approve a patient to become a certified Medical Marijuana client based on a qualifying medical condition.

You can contact one such accredited practitioner near you, to renew your MMJ card. For the renewal formalities, you should bring along the previous recommendation letter or card and all the relevant medical reports. The physician will evaluate your request to commence the renewal process.

Adhere to the Guidelines of The Law

In July of 2014, the New York State Governor signed the Compassionate Care Act (S7923), to regulate the sale of medical cannabis.

The most efficient strategy to renew your MMJ card would be adhering to every rule put forth by this state’s government. The renewal procedure involves a re-evaluation of your medical conditions. You should keep all your medical records straight, that confirm your medical problems.

Understand the Ideal Dosage Suitable for Your Medical Condition

In New York, the available medical marijuana primarily contains two ingredients, TCH and CBD. Medical cannabis is available in either vapor or oral form. Cannabis also helps patients deal with various health issues like depression, chemotherapy, and chronic pain. However, one should understand the right dosage requirement that suits their medical conditions.

Statistics show that around 71% of New York medical practitioners agree MMJ should be an option for patients. Thus, during evaluation for card renewal, they prescribe the ideal dosage, based on your medical records. In this way, you can also confidently leverage the renewal of your medical marijuana card in New York.

Apply A Month Before Expiration Date

The recommendation is to apply for renewal at least 30 days before your MMJ card expires.

Hence, the suggestion is to start investing your time for the renewal process, a few months before card expiration.

Share Valid IDs for Evaluation

You need to share valid ID proof while applying for MMJ card renewal. In New York, you provide either a valid New York State ID Card or NYS Driver’s License ID number.

Otherwise, you can share utility bills as address proof for your New York residency. Attaching valid ID proofs increases your chances to get your MMJ card renewed in the first attempt.

With these strategies, you can also quickly get your MMJ card renewed at the earliest. With the legalities in New York eased out last year, the renewal process is even more convenient.

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