YouTube Will Link Directly to Wikipedia to Fight Conspiracy Theories

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Just like most social media platforms, YouTube is also for spreading misinformation. CEO of YouTube Susan Wojcicki confirms that they will be offering with Wikipedia sources regarding the particular content. In this article, we will discuss how YouTube will fight conspiracy theories using Wikipedia links in YouTube.

YouTube Against Conspiracy Theories:­

YouTube is all about monetization of channels that will offer you revenue at the end of the month. Although revenue is entirely dependent on the views you are getting in your content. There are several clever ways to get huge traffic, sometimes they can use false news. These kinds of content are known as click baits. You can also Buy YouTu­­be Likes, which is a good way to attract the audience.

Most recently there was a mass shooting in Florida, and the most trending news about this incident was a conspiracy theory suggesting that the survivor David Hogg was an actor.

These kinds of information can instantly gain you more than 2,00,000 views, but eventually, YouTube removed this video from their platform. There were no such ways in order to decrease the amount of false news spreading through the platform. But they are working on a feature that will show you links of Wikipedia regarding that particular topic.

This will take care of the confusion along with offering a genuine source of knowledge. This particular feature is called information cues, and it will soon be going to be added to the YouTube platform. This feature will work in a simple way, you need to search and on any conspiracy video where instantly you will get a Wikipedia alongside the video regarding that particular topic. Although this can be a dependable opinion, Wikipedia is an open-source platform and it can always be edit.

More from Youtube Update:

Apart from that YouTube will also provide a link to other websites based on their search algorithm based on the keywords. This particular decision is much needed in order to avoid censor content outright, which could be a problem for revenue Army that phone. Those videos will not get removed from YouTube, but users will be offered information that will have the option to know more about the particular matter. According to several reports, this particular step will not stop the problem entirely.

Even there was a question arises regarding the recommendation algorithm end up showing conspiracy theory videos to several users. Even most of the contents from the search result can be much different from the actual videos they are searching for. We all need to know that YouTube is having the sole purpose of having users engagement in YouTube videos as long as possible. Other reports state that even if the Wikipedia links show up to that particular conspiracy video there is no surety about the user choosing to read that particular article.

Most of the users prefer to watch videos rather than choosing to read the entire article which can be boarding for most of them. Most importantly if you are watching any conspiracies videos you will definitely be recommended with other similar videos on YouTube. So basically, there will not be much of a solution with this feature as claimed by YouTube.


YouTube and other social media platforms definitely need to provide the most genuine source of information in order to avoid false news. We have collected complete information regarding the fight against conspiracy theories using Wikipedia from different sources and posted them in this article for you. Share this innovative article with others, so that they do know about the upcoming features coming to YouTube.

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