5 Top Reasons for a Career in Health Informatics

career in health informatics

Health Informatics is a diverse field where people from the technology background as well as those from the health care sector can pursue a career.

This is the best career to which a person from the health care sector who has a passion for technology and innovation can join.

Health Informatics deals with the collection, storage, and processing of healthcare data such as patient records, etc. There are different areas under the field of Health Informatics, such as Clinical Informatics, Public Health Informatics etc.

The package offered and demand for a professional with the Masters in Health Informatics is very high and is increasing. The professionals with a Masters in Health Informatics are earning USD 20k. More than the average salary offered for a professional without the Health Informatics degree.

A Bachelor’s degree in the field of Health care, Business, Information Technology, Statistics, etc or some work experience is the primary requirement for Masters’s in Health Informatics in the USA.

Here are the top 5 reasons why the Health Informatics sector is attracting a lot of individuals.

1. High Salary

The salary package offered for a skilled professional in Health Informatics is very high due to high demand.

It will increase even further with the increase in experience level in the related field. The salary package offered varies within different positions in the field such as an analyst, health specialist, programmer, etc.

The average salary for Health Informatics professionals varies depending upon the location, experience, and many other factors. The average salary of a Health Informatics professional in the USA ranges from USD 65k to USD 150k. According to ZipRecruiter, the average annual pay for a Health Informatics Consultant in the U.S. is $103,520.

2. High Job security

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for Health Informatics professionals will increase by up to 20% within 2026. This can lead Health Informatics to be the highest-paid and highly in-demand job in the USA. 

The demand will increase with the new increase in research and development in the Health Informatics field. Since there is a lack of skilled labor, there is always a demand for those experienced in the field. With years, the salary and the position will increase two-fold.

3. Increasing Opportunities in the health care sector

Health care is a field where many kinds of research are undergoing every day. Since Health Informatics is a newly emerging technology, the opportunity in this field is very high.

Compared to traditional health care jobs, there will be very little competition due to the high skill requirement. There is technology advancing in every field and it has benefitted the health care sector also. The digitalization of all the medical records and patient history prediction of new trends in the data.

4. Flexible work

The major problem faced by everyone in the IT sector is the work pressure and increased workload. But the Health Informatics is reducing the existing workload. If any in traditional health jobs and makes it easy to work flexibly.

What the Health Informatics sector needs is data, it generates through different means during diagnosis and treatment stages. These data need to analyze by the Informatics professional who incorporates the advantages of technology.

5. Optional Practical Training (OPT) eligibility

Even though a person can find a job in the  Health Informatics with an undergraduate degree. It is much advised to do a graduate course in Health Informatics to have a steady career growth.

The graduate program in Health Informatics in USA is normally a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) degree very demanding nowadays. There are a lot of advantages to pursuing Health Informatics even after the completion of the study.

The Health Informatics graduate program makes the students eligible to apply for Optional Practical Training (OPT).

This can be extended for up to two more years by requesting the extension by the employer with the required documents. And hence, the Health Informatics is a very good opportunity for those who wish to settle abroad with a top paid salary.

Everyone wishes to have a well reputed and well-paid job. There is no doubt that Health Informatics will be a life-changer for those who wish to start afresh career in the health care sector and for those who want to have a career change from the technology field.

Even though the Health Informatics is a trending technology, the main problem faced in this field is the lack of a skilled workforce. There are a lot of job opportunities available in the USA and all over the world in the Health Informatics sector. There is no better job anyone can find if he/she is a technology aspirant working in the health care sector, or vice versa.

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