6 Online money-saving services. Saving tips!

save money online

Would you like to go to university, but it’s just too expensive? Or perhaps you are thinking about getting a divorce, but can’t afford it. Did you know that there are many online services that can help you save money, instead of using the old traditional route?

The internet makes everything so much more accessible, easy, and affordable. So if you’re strapped for cash, choosing to use an online service could be a great way to save money and get what you want.

Keep reading for 4 online money-saving services!

1. Online divorce services

If you are thinking about getting a divorce, consider using an online divorce company, instead of going the traditional route. Traditionally a divorce could cost on average $15,000 per person. A few years ago, you would have to go see your lawyers, go to court, and get your divorce papers from your local family court. Now with just a simple click of a button from the comfort of your own home, you can use an online divorce company to annul your marriage. Not only is it easier, but it’s much cheaper. The average cost of an uncontested online divorce is between $130 and $500. Your divorce can even be finalized in 6 months, without a lawyer. Using a lawyer pushes up the cost of your divorce. If you have a simple, uncontested divorce, then you don’t need a lawyer; so using an online company could be the best option.

With getting an online divorce, all you will need to do is fill out a simple questionnaire to see if you qualify. If you qualify, then they will send you divorce papers. You will then fill the forms out, and the company will file your forms for you. (Depending on which company you choose.)

Also, don’t forget to read reviews to find out which company performs better.

2. Online Education

No money for university? No problem! Why don’t you take an online course? Online education is much cheaper than going to university. The great thing about this type of service is that you can study from home, so if you need to work during the day you can. There are many online courses that offer the same type of degrees that universities do. Another fantastic thing about online education is that you can study from anywhere in the world. If you want a Cambridge education, you can have it. The internet makes education easily accessible to anyone at a fraction of the price. There are even some online courses that offer the first month of studies for free. You can learn by webinars too. Which is a great interactive way in which you can learn?

If you are interested in getting an online education, check out Coursera. There is a wide variety of subjects that you can study. They offer certificates and degrees. If you are interested, check it out!

3. Online Shopping

There is nothing worse than going to the mall when it is insanely busy. With Christmas coming up, the malls will be packed. Why not try online shopping? Skip the queue! This will save you time and money. There are many online shopping stores that offer great savings. Some stores offer discounts on all their items, or on certain items each month. One thing that is also great about online shopping is that you can find some really unique items of clothing, that most stores don’t have; or if you prefer name brand clothing, you can pick up some fantastic deals.

Have a look online for sales. If you do this, you can save.

Another great thing about shopping online is that you can even buy groceries. So if it’s raining out, or you feel ill, you can type away at your keyboard and order in. You might pay on delivery fees, but think about what you will save on time, gas, and hassle. Amazon or Etsy are two great stores to have a look at.

4. Online TV

Yes, you heard me! Cut out cable. With Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu, you can watch TV at a fraction of the price. The cable is really expensive, and the cost will be ever-increasing. By switching to online services, you will watch all your favorite shows for much less. All you will need is data and a subscription for the service you choose. Once you have this, you are all set!

5. Online Gym Service

Having a gym membership can also be expensive. There are many online gym services, which are also much cheaper. These programs design an exercise routine for you, as well as a diet. Sometimes the first month or first week might even be for free. This is great, because if you’re unhappy with it, then you don’t have to sign up for it. Some services even offer a life coach, who will be in constant contact with you, to help you reach your goals.

By working out at home, you will save a lot of money.

6. Online therapy

Going to therapy is important if you need it, but this can also add up. Counselors and psychologists can be really expensive, especially if you need to see them once or twice a week. There are now online services that offer qualified therapists that you can chat via messaging, phone calls or even video chat. You can download the app on your phone or your computer. These services are also much cheaper than seeing a counselor in person. You could even use both options. Meet personally with your therapist a few times a month and then use your online therapist.

With wanting to save money, there are many online services that can help you do so. That’s the great thing about living in this century. Life is so much easier in the sense that the internet connects everything. You can find many great deals online; whether it’s for studying, shopping, going to the gym or even watching TV.

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