Mattress In A Box: The New Trend In Canada

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Whenever one takes a decision to buy a new mattress, initially one thinks that it’s an easy task. However when one goes for actual mattress shopping in a retail store for mattress shopping, one can spend countless hours to decide a perfect mattress to buy. This is because there are various types of mattress are available in market; such as mattress with memory foam or latex foam. There are mattress that has the cooling technology, other kind of mattresses that are available in market are mattress in a box and mattress in a bag.  So if one goes for a mattress shopping, one might get perplexed because of availability of such a wide verity of mattresses. But you don’t have to worry as we are going to make your task easy by describing the characteristics and listing various merits of mattress in a box.

A mattress in a box uses memory foam and is closed in an airtight packaging inside a custom bag. This starts expanding as one opens the packaging. It keeps on expanding till the time it gets it full level of comfort. 

Different type of Mattress:

First of all you might thing that how does a foam mattress gets fit in a huge box that gets delivered at your door step. A mattress inside a box might include diverse verity of mattresses such as luft mattress, nectar mattress, bear mattress and dreamcloud mattress. Each of the above mentioned mattresses has its own characteristics as mentioned below.

Luft Mattress:

This is a high quality highbred mattress that is available with diverse firmness options ranging from medium soft to firm. However this mattress is quite heavy and is difficult to move.

Nectar Mattress:

Nectar mattress is made up of high density memory foam and has been designed in a way that it bounces back to the original shape while move and sleep. The bounce-back characteristic of a nectar mattress makes it easy to compress and roll the mattress. Therefore it can be easily carried anywhere.

Bear Mattress:

This mattress is topped with a cooling graphite gel. The memory foam of a bear mattress has a medium firm feel and is characterised with motion isolation and has an excellent support because of its pocketed coils.

Dreamcloud Mattress:

This is a durable and a thick mattress; it used memory foam and coil. The top of this mattress is made up of two different layers of comfort foam. Click here for recommendations of mattress in a box to purchase in Canada.

Some of the merits of mattress in a box are mentioned below:

  • Trial: Some brands of mattresses offer a sleep trial so that the customers can test whether or not the newly bought mattress is comfortable.
  • Comfortable:  Because of the comfort level of this mattress, it is also known as luxury mattress. This mattress is comfortable especially for spouse.
  • Customer Service: Brands that deliver mattresses in a box offers an excellent customer service that is easily available to help and support.
  • Worthwhile: The mattress in a box is cost effective as they are available at affordable price range.
  • Light Weight: As compared to a traditional mattress, a mattress in a box is light weight and can be easily moved around the house as per your convenience.
  • Compact: A mattress is a box is more compact, especially when it is compared with a traditional mattress. The frame of the box mattress is smaller; as a result you can have more open space in your bedroom or a living room.
  • Easy Returns: Most of the brands that offers a mattress in a box has a customer friendly return policy.

Demerits of a Mattress in a Box

  • Smell:  Most of mattresses in a box are made up of form, there can be a problem of some kind of odour. However it can be commonly compensates after few weeks of usage.

Some of the box mattress brands also pass the box mattress to the customer for few days to air out. Overall we can see that the merits of a box mattress rules out the demerits. Thus you can easily take a decision to buy the box mattress as it has more merits than demerits.

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