A Comprehensive Guide To Swimming Pool Covers

A swimming pool adds an element of luxury to the overall aesthetics of your home. But this luxury can be your bane if you don’t keep a schedule maintenance check!

Floating leaves, algae formation, dust sedimentation settling in the pool, etc can create a nuisance frequently. Such repercussions create a need for a swimming pool cover.

When you know the need for a pool cover is inevitable, you might want to dig deeper into research and discover a type of swimming pool covers which will be most appropriate for your pool.

There are a plethora of choices and variety to choose from. Options are overwhelming but you don’t have to get overboard with such emotions and apply a pragmatic approach.

Essentially there are three types of covers

  • Winter Covers
  • Safety Covers
  • Automatic Safety Covers

We will elaborate on each cover category and its salient features which can help you to adjudge the best pool cover suiting needs of you and your family!

A fundamental feature that swimming pool covers category has in common is the to protect swimming pool from dust, debris, sediments or twigs barging inside the pool. Invariably they inhibit the growth of algae as they thwart the process of photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is a cornerstone for algae to thrive and multiply.

Hence the pool covers keeping the ecosystem hygienic and in best conditions.

Winter Pool Covers

winter pool covers

They are designed to cover the pool feasibly so that debris or undesired element do not infringe into water. It goes across the pool edge to edge.

The cover is withheld in place by water bags, which are large in size and more durable and preferably made of vinyl giving puncture free resistance.

Product life of winter pool covers varies ideally from one year to five years depending on the maintenance and environmental dynamics. 

Winter covers render no safety benefits, unlike safety covers. If any pet or a person tried to wander onto the pool cover, this misadventure causes a safety concern.

Pool Safety Covers

pool safety covers

Safety covers can be regarded as the ultimate line of defense against all odds which nature or any other circumstances can throw at your pool.

It offers you safety against accidental intrusions executed by children, pets, unwanted debris, etc.

It comes in myriad choices ranging from mesh safety covers, solid safety covers,  and hybrid safety covers.

Mesh Safety Covers

mesh safety covers

They are amongst the affordable options in the market. They can last up to 15 years with decent maintenance. Mesh covers are mighty lightweight offering durability and can withstand fairly heavy weights under pressure.

Mesh covers allow water to percolate into your pool. Simultaneously it blocks debris and let it settle on top. It is designed to block UV rays from the sun. As sunlight is critical for algae to breed and it blocks it by shielding the sunlight.

For extended life, regularly upkeep basic maintenance of your cover by blowing debris with a blower. If you reside in an area where you experience heavy snowfall, try to sweep snow with a broom so that it does not piles up and restrict the bottom layer from getting frozen.

Solid Safety Covers

It is water resistant and impermeable to almost everything. It guarantees you a cleaner pool after you uncover your pool.

Nothing gets past this ultimate shield. It blocks the growth of algae and restricts the evaporation rate by inhibiting sun rays to permeate into the pool.


Like other pool covers, it requires a maintenance check.  To avoid any environmental repercussions to pool cover make sure to clean debris and snows it can damage it.

It can be cleaned with mild detergent and a brush if required.

when it is needed to be stored it needs at least two guys to dismantle its harness and pack as it is heavier than mesh cover.

Hybrid Safety Covers

It offers safety features of their cousins i.e. mesh and solid safety covers offering the best of both worlds.

Essentially offering features embedded in one cover. Measurements and fittings are identical but offer more custom designs due to various shapes of the swimming pool.

As safety is the paramount feature for all types of covers, It is not compromised anywhere in hybrid safety covers.

Which Pool Safety Cover Is Appropriate For You?

It solely depends upon your needs and the kind of environment you are residing in.

1. Mesh covers are more affordable, light in weight and easy to maintain. It allows water percolation but inhibits debris or critters to pass through. If you don’t mind extra work to uncover your pool, go for a mesh.

2. If you want an impeccable pool after uncovering your pool with solid safety cover offering best defense to everything and cost is least of your concern, Then solid is the best choice for you.

3.  The hybrid cover is manageable and lightweight offering prominent features of both covers.

Irrespective of what pool cover you choose, you will be sleeping soundly knowing your loved ones and pets are safe from any misadventures.

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