Best Sci-Fi and Fantasy Movies of All Time

Best Sci-Fi and Fantasy Movies

We have collected several movies that amaze the imagination. Check also what they are about and choose the one you like best. Whenever you want to have a rest and watch a good movie for free, enter and just start watching!

Blade Runner 2049, 2017

An honest, obedient police officer, Kay is a replicant, an android in the service of humanity. He cannot have any special future, also he doesn’t have a touching past. He is just doing his job conscientiously.

One day, during one of the raids, Kay comes across important information that can change his life .

The lives of other replicants, also the fate of people. He urgently needs to find Rick Deckard.

Some incredibly beautiful, almost tangible, and the nagging sad movie is a worthy continuation of the cult film of 1982 with Harrison Ford in the title role.

Arrival, 2016

It’s another work of director Denis Villeneuve that is a complex intellectual and emotional narrative, after which you will still want to think for some time in silence.

Aliens come to Earth, and people must learn to communicate with them in order to find out the answer to the main question: what are the intentions of aliens. To do this, the best linguist in America – Louise Banks comes to one of the landing sites.

Interstellar, 2014

The earth is also slowly dying in endless natural disasters. It is becoming harder for people to feel at home on it, and all their forces are devoted to survival.

To the solemn organ music of Hans Zimmer, several people are sent to faraway space to find a new habitable planet.

An insanely beautiful movie in which love for loved ones, a sense of duty, cosmic expanses, and black hole physics are mixed.

Rogue One, 2016

In 2016, everyone was expecting that it would be quite a passing film, which would simply connect the first and second Star Wars trilogies.

The director Gareth Edwards made one of the most powerful emotions in the episode of this universe.

There is not a single Jedi Knight, and this is also what filled the movie with new content.

Ordinary people are forced to flounder in a distant galaxy and act despite the fact that no miraculous Force will help them at a crucial moment.

Cloud Atlas, 2012

Six stories that happened in different epochs of human life have an important feature that binds them together. The same souls of people who survived reincarnation act in them.

Most of the actors in this movie play more than one role.  Watching this film will definitely not be enough to understand all the intricacies of the plot.

Contact, 1997

Ellie Arroway is an astrophysicist who searches in space for signals from possible distant civilizations.

Nobody believes in her work, but she stubbornly sits in a clean field near the observatory and listens to space.

The novel is also based on “Contact” invent and written by Karl Sagan.An astrophysicist, an outstanding popularizer of science, and a pioneer in exobiology.

So, you should watch with great trepidation and reverence for one of the geniuses of the 20 century.

Moon, 2009

Also ,For three years Sam has been sitting in splendid isolation on the Moon, watching over robots that mine minerals.

Soon he should fly to Earth to his family, but the clearly tuned system for changing the duty on duty at the lunar station is failing. In anticipation of help, Sam will have to spend some very strange days.

Pandorum, 2009

The plot tells about astronauts who wake up after years of suspended animation and remember what mission their ship is flying to.

Corporal Nolan and Lieutenant Payton come to their senses on the Elysium ship, not remembering. Who they are what they should do, and what became with the other 60,000 passengers.

More over ,They try to get to the captain’s bridge and meet other surviving crew members who have already started a “Pandorum” –

A mental disorder also caused by a long stay in a dream and provoking hallucinations, schizophrenia, and a tendency to kill.

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