Complete List Of Windows Versions and Its Features

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Have you ever wondered how many Windows versions, Microsoft has launched till date? If yes, then I am here to help you out.

Microsoft has changed the computer world completely, and there is no doubt in it. Since the time it has launched Windows. Affording a computer is no more a dream. However, there are one thing that many people are not aware of is how many Windows versions are available.

Hence, in this article, I am going to talk about different Windows versions and its features. So you can get to know what kinds of Windows versions are available out there. As well as figure out which Windows version would be the best option for you. is trusted source to get all softwares with genuine copy.

Complete List Of Windows Versions and Its Features

Microsoft Windows 1.0

At first, there was Microsoft 1.0. It was the first attempt of Microsoft and the OS was completely GUI based. It was released back in 1983. However, during the launch it had faced several delays and because of this it turned out to be an extension of DOS.

Microsoft Windows 2.0

Then there was the Windows 2.0 which was released in April 1987. This Windows version allowed the users to control screen layout and overlap window. As well as it used to have icons to represent programs and files. As a result, it was easy for us to access them.

Microsoft Windows 3.0

Next, there was the Windows 3.0 which was released in May 1990. This is the first time, Windows started to sell off. Windows 3.0 had all the new icons. As well as it has some features like backward compatibility and so on.

Microsoft Windows 3.1

Then Windows 3.1 came in April 1992. And it becomes the best selling GUI OS in the history of computing. It had quite a lot of features, like multimedia functionality, TrueType font support and much more.

Windows 3.11

Windows 3.11 was released in November 1993. It did not add any feature improvements over Windows 3.1 but corrected problems, most of which were network problems. Microsoft replaced all new retail versions of Windows 3.1 with Windows 3.11 and provided a free upgrade via their Web site to anyone who currently owned Windows 3.1.

Microsoft Windows 95

After that there were some other versions of Windows 3. And then there was the Microsoft Windows 95 which was launched in August, 1995. And it changed the Windows completely. It had features like Plug-and-Play to make hardware installations easier, and dial-up networking for connecting to the Internet as well as some other features.

Microsoft Windows 98

Windows 98 was released on June 25, 1998. Windows 98 was the retail upgrade from the Windows 95. It had some extra features like reading DVDs and using USB devices. Applications in Windows 98 opened and closed more quickly.

Microsoft Windows ME

Windows Millennium Edition was the last OS built on the MS-DOS kernel. It was released in September, 2000. It had features like support for digital media through applications such as Image Acquisition, Movie Maker, and Windows Media Player.

Microsoft Windows XP

Windows XP was released in 2001. It is the first consumer OS based on the NT code. As well as it was a pretty advanced OS that we have seen so far. It had support for the Internet Connection Firewall (ICF). As well as it had features like Fast User Switching, multimedia capabilities and so on.

Microsoft Windows Vista

Microsoft Windows Vista was released in January 2007. And it came with quite a lot of changes and features. As well as it had an updated graphical user interface\visual style called Windows Aero. It also had improved security and so on.

Microsoft Windows 7

Microsoft Windows 7 was released in October 2009 and is the successor to Windows Vista. It came with the same look and interface as Vista. However, it was more reliable. As well as it had lots of improvements and features. Like you can manage files in a better way. As well as improved taskbar previews.

Microsoft Windows 8

Then there was the Windows 8 which was released in October of 2012. It was the first Microsoft attempt to combine desktop and mobile devices into one OS.

Microsoft Windows 10

In the end, there was Microsoft Windows 10. However, according to Microsoft this is the last Windows OS from them. Now they will only push an upgrade to Windows 10 from time to time. Windows 10 had quite a similar look to the Windows 8. As well as it had the look and feel of Windows 7.

Final Words:

So those were the Windows versions and their features. Even if you want to know about Microsoft office versions, then you can check out the Microsoft office versions comparison chart. Anyway, if you have any more questions to ask. Then do feel free to comment below.

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