How do you get thousands of plays on SoundCloud?

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SoundCloud is considered as biggest online music platform to promote your music. It has more than 175 million users that are more than any other music platform on the web even more than Spotify. It is free to use and you can listen to good music here. Moreover, if you want to pursue music as a career then this is a great platform to showcase your skills.

Here you can also collaborate with other artists and musicians that help you to gain more followers and plays as well. Many people prefer to invest in buying SoundCloud plays to get faster results and save time and energy. Boosting your exposure needs a good strategy. Let’s have a look at how do you get thousands of plays on SoundCloud.

Create Shareable Content: Release your audio track, album, compilation, and EP is the best way to connect with your followers. But the most important thing is to create the shareable content to go along with your music. It helps you to gain more plays on SoundCloud and increase your following count as well. For instance, P. Robinson is a great artist with amazing musical skills. Apart from other artists, he chooses a topic i.e. anime to express his interest in the public.

Furthermore, his music videos are so unique that capture the attention of many music lovers across the world. Share the aspects of your life with your fans through your music. You can also do the same by creating a music video, live music performance, blogging, and YouTube videos and share your experiences with your fans. You can also buy SoundCloud plays to get more exposure.

Share private links: The best thing is that SoundCloud allows you to share private links to your songs. This means you can also share your incomplete tracks, share demonstrations to blogs or labels. When you share a private link gives your audio tracks the personal touch that helps you to reach out to tastemakers. It is not difficult to do.

All you need to upload the track and then make it private. Now save your track and then click on your profile and tab on the audio track to make it private and then click on the share button. Now SoundCloud will create a private link that is unique and you can share it. It is not applicable for one track only. You can also make your playlists private before sharing your new music album. Additionally, you can reset the private URL at any time.

Cover Art Matters: Cover art matters a lot when it comes to gain more followers with buying SoundCloud plays. The album art or cover art actually represent the genre and mood of your music. It also helps you to stand out from the rest. So, select the best cover art that represents you and your music. You can also invest some money to design your album art. Hire a professional graphic designer for good cover art.

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