Top 5 Exhibition Accessories you need for your Promotional Display

exhibition accessories

Do you know that a great way of attracting visitors to your coolest exhibition stand in Barcelona is to include competition as part of the program? It’s a well-known fact that people love to win and if they go away with a quality prize then it’s even better. However, it’s not just about winning, people also love an element of competition. As long as it’s all in good then some healthy competition amongst your customers will only increase the rate of success. The more people who take part and talk about it, the more people will draw in. The important thing with competitions at events is to make them work for you. Additionally, it’s pointless running a competition with little or no engagement, where people don’t even need to acknowledge your stand or what you have to offer. Ensure your competition is engaging enough for you to have plenty of time to start a conversation with your attendees.

Are you aware that the autumnal exhibition season is now underway? It is a moment when most businesses lookout for ways to showcase at a corporate event or expo that will give their product or services more engagement and audience. Whilst transportable exhibition stands like pop-ups and material displays offer excessive fine brand publicity, there are a handful of add-ons that you can add for your stand to actually maximize the return on your investment and boom the probabilities of a sales conversion.

So, we have decided to give you insights on the five bestselling exhibition stand accessories that you can add for your display to reinforce your brand consciousness this exhibition season:

1. IPad Stand

With most iPad and tablet stands costing less than £100, there are affordable exhibition accessories that can be effortlessly included in almost all exhibition stand. The small footprint of iPad stands is that they don’t take too much space which makes them effective for use in regions ranging from 2m x 2m shell scheme booths all the way to 12m floor-only spaces and areas. IPad stands are an amazing gear because they have got so many exceptional functions. They may be used to exhibit your company’s website and a full variety of products, also as a part of an on-stand competition to boost traveller engagement, or to log potential business leads. Tablet stands to include one of the security attachments: a base with screw fixings or a safety lasso. Both of these allow you to prevent the stand from robbery attack. It is paired with the lockable front facials; iPad stands are extremely at ease show stand add-ons. However, when your event is over, you can still use your iPad stand. They can be observed as vacationer signal-in points in reception areas and clinics, as well as pay-points in eating places and cafes.

2. Leaflet Dispenser

As regards marketing, digital isn’t the only option. A large number of people still rely on paper leaflets and brochures – particularly for finding contact facts like smartphone numbers and website addresses. The only issue with paper advertising is that it is quick to end up being messy and untidy. Leaflet dispensers will let you showcase your branded catalogue in a neat and organized manner. They require very little ground space, and in case you buy one which clips on to the side of your roller banner, they don’t end up soaking up any floor space. The affordability factor makes them available for every brand, and the collapsible frames and carries cases allow for handy transportation and storage. You can choose from various general paper sizes. With a couple of wallet on both sides, you can be sure to have sufficient area for all of your company leaflets.

3. Monitor Bracket

Monitor brackets are remarkable exhibition stand accessories because they may be integrated into pop up stands, curler banners and bespoke exhibition stand as part of the design. Most manufacturers use screen brackets to play their company ads, or they hook up their website for visitors to browse their consumer testimonials and online product stages. You should purchase cell monitor brackets, or you could pick out a solution that is built into your exhibition stand with the image design framing the display screen. Having a TV or laptop display screen to your exhibition stand is a superb manner to increase footfall to your stand and boost your brand’s engagement without spending a fortune.

4. Promotional Counter

Promotional counters are one of the satisfactory show add-ons. However, they are not only most effective in adding an expert finishing touch to any exhibition stand; they as well offer extra marketing space in your branding. You can promote a wide range of promotional counters to suit specific desires and budgets. You can as well generally tend to suggest pop up counters as exhibition stand add-ons due to sizes. They’re massive enough to showcase small products, literature or to behave as a meet and greet factor, and that they have an inner garage on the lower back. Pop up counters come with removable picture wraps to effortlessly be tailored to suit your converting advertising campaigns. Being completely portable and reusable, promotional counters are an awesome accent for any exhibition stand.

5. LED Lights

All of our pop up exhibition bundles include LED lighting fixtures blanketed as preferred, however, roller banners and cloth presentations do not. The LED lighting is designed to focus on your artwork and display stand with a purpose to attract site visitors. Being LED, they require very little cash to run and ultimate for years. By absolutely hooking the spotlights over the pinnacle of your display, you can effortlessly illuminate your show and right away set it aside from your competition. Exhibition halls are generally dark venues, so adding a few extra lighting fixtures in your exhibition stand can make all the difference. 

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