How Portable Classrooms Impact Teaching and Learning

Portable Classrooms

Many schools in Europe and other parts of the world have embraced the use of portable classrooms in their institutions. Whether they choose modular classrooms or any other style, these structures have revolutionized education centers. In fact, it is now almost a standard that these are the solutions for space challenges in schools.

But the question is how they impact teaching and learning in any of these institutions. Is it a negative or positive impact? Learn more from the insights shared below.

What Are Portable Classrooms?

Before getting to know the impacts of these structures on learning in schools, it is important to know what they are. These are temporary structures that are used as classrooms. Depending on the design, they can be collapsed and relocated to any other part of the compound to solve the need for space.

Portable classrooms are fabricated by experts. They can be modular classrooms or customized ones as per the needs of the school. But one thing to know is that they are well-equipped to suit the needs of the students.

Planning for Portable Classrooms

When there is a need for more classrooms in a school, management will start looking for a solution. Congestion of students has a negative impact on their performance, and this can lead to parents pulling them out of such a school. For a quick solution, temporary portable classrooms should come to mind. They offer quick solutions since they do not take much time to construct.

Design and Fabrication

After the planning of a Smart Space temporary building for the school, the experts will start the work as agreed. And this is where things get better for the school. Learning will not be interrupted in any way during this period since the fabrication is done away from the school in a workshop. The design remains the same since the experts have already agreed on the measurements as per the available space. Thus, portable classrooms become the best solution for such a school.

Assembly and Construction

One thing to notice is that portable and temporary structures are simple to assemble. If the work is planned well, this can be done within a few days. Learning will not be interrupted since most of the work has been done offsite. Some schools construct portable classrooms when the students have retired for the day or during the weekend. Even when done during the day, other school programs can be ongoing as usual.

Negative Impact

Portable classrooms may affect learning negatively in a few ways. First of all, they may interrupt learning if the constructor is insensitive to what is going on. However, this can be contained if both the constructor and school management agree on the best way.

Being portable and ready to be moved from one location to another, they may not be well-equipped with all of the facilities needed for learning. They are primarily just empty halls that are converted into classrooms on a temporary basis. Otherwise, the school can decide to use one as a permanent solution and the structure can then be equipped well.

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