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The Phases of Project

Every project small, medium or large has multiple phases from Initiation to closure of a Project. Project phases numbers and names may vary as per organisations workflow. They are pretty same throughout all methodologies. Basically break up projects into an initial phase, a strategic phase, an execution phase and a wrap up or final phase. Many companies or organisations also have custom phases as per their work environment.

Projects are generally specified in 4 main phases:

  • Discovery or Pre-Planning
  • Planning
  • Execution or Implementation
  • Closure

All Project Phases are listed in detail that are essential steps of project management. Project Management practices can be fully implemented with the project phases successful completion. Project Managers has to be flexible and adapt the different project phases as per organisation.

Read in detail all project phases below:

What is Discovery or Pre Planning Phase?

1. Discovery phase is an early and initial phase of the project where you’re pretty much setting the foundation for your project. In this Phase you will be understanding the business needs and requirements. 

2. In the Discovery phase you will work on defining your project objectives, the project scope, budget, resourcing, high level schedule and many other key items that are part of your business case.

3. The main deliverable of a Discovery phase is to have a robust Business Case ready for review and approval.

What is Planning Phase?

1. The planning phase of a project is where you explain in detail how you will perform Implementation. 

2. Anything and everything that you need to analyse, define or prepare prior to implementation is part of your planning phase. 

What is Execution or Implementation Phase?

1. Implementation Phase is where you get to make plans a reality. In this phase you go from documents, plans and theory to actions. 

2. As a PM you will coordinate, prioritize and assign tasks during this phase.

3. Steer the team to deliver the project on time and within budget. 

4. You’ll liaise with the different business units, areas or departments and keep stakeholders & end users up to date with progress, key dates and next steps. 

5. You will be making strategic and tactical decisions in this phase.

6. You will be working closely with your team, helping out end users, collaborating with other areas, and broadcasting project comms.

7. It further involves monitoring progress, resolving problems or issues, supporting end users, etc.

What is Closure Phase of a Project?

1. This is the final and post implementation phase of the project.

2. Wrap up activities such as documentation, project management system updates, operational handover, post implementation reviews, lessons learned and any other final activities. 

3. During this phase keep a pulse on how end users are feeling about the project, iron out any outstanding issues, perform a final review of actuals vs. the budget and basically, etc.

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