See the Activities of Employees with Mobile Tracker App

Monitoring Mobile App

The entrepreneurs around the world have been employing different tactics to monitor their workers and boost their productivity and efficiency. There are employees monitoring apps that enable employers to track mobile phone and computer devices of their workers. The mobile tracker app lets you monitor activities of workers performed on the mobile phone devices. You can track their chats, GPS location and other online and offline activities performed on the cell phone devices. This article discusses how mobile tracker app lets you see activities of your employees.

Mobile Tracker App – Installation & Working

The cell phone monitoring and tracking app enable employers to track online and offline mobile phone activities of workers. Once you install the tracker app on the company-owned mobile phones, the app syncs important data stored on the phone and uploads to the online control panel. The end-user of the tracking app can sign into the web-based control panel through their mobile phones or computers and can track and control the mobile phones installed with tracking apps.

How to Monitor Employees’ Activities with Mobile Tracker App

The employee monitoring software lets you monitor and manage the mobile phone devices of workers without physical access. We have discusses here the high-tech features of Mobile Tracker App to let you understand how this mobile tracker app lets you see the activities of your workers.

Track Messages

You can read online and offline chats of your workers to keep a check on their communication with co-workers, clients and third parties. The tracker app syncs text messages, multimedia messages and instant messages stored on the monitored phone. Also, it accesses SMS logs containing contact detail of message senders and receivers.

Track Phone Calls

If you are running a contact center, the inbound and outbound phone calls of your workers are of great importance. The mobile phone tracking app automatically records incoming and outgoing phone calls and uploads to the online control panel from where the employers can listen to these calls anytime.

Track Social Media Activities

The social media activities of workers can be monitored to prevent them from disclosing sensitive or inappropriate information online. The chats of social media managers and customer care representatives are also of great importance. The mobile tracker app lets you track activities performed on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Line, Viber, Tinder, Kik, Tumblr, Hike, Hangout, Zalo, Yahoo messenger and many other social media and instant messaging apps.

Track Emails

The mobile phone monitoring app lets you track emails of your workers. You can remotely track emails sent and received via Gmail. Also, you can access email addresses of email senders and receivers.


The mobile tracker app lets you have sensitive information put on the monitored phone. It records all keystrokes applied to the mobile phones of workers including key logs of passwords, usernames and email addresses.

Track GPS Location

The mobile tracking app lets you monitor activities of your traveling workers. You can trace the whereabouts of your remote workers and prevent them from unproductive trips.

Screen Recording

You can remotely witness the cell phone activities of your workers by getting their mobile phone screens recorded. The mobile tracker app offers screen recording and screenshots to let you capture online and offline cell phone activities.

The mobile tracking software offers numerous other features to keep your workers under surveillance.

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