What Are the Different Types of Baby Food Products?

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Baby Food products contain all required substances. It is helpful for the strengthening of the immune system. In addition, they serve as the main origin of energy for a growing organism. What kind of baby food adapts better to the needs of your baby?

Milk-based formulas for babies, such as HiPP formula, are carefully designed to mimic the composition of breast milk, providing essential nutrients for optimal growth and development. Gradually, it is necessary to introduce dairy products into the baby’s diet – yogurts, milk, cottage cheese, etc. At the age of 5 months, a child consumes porridges and cereal grubs, which contain starch, dietary fiber, micro-and macro elements.

You can also try to give a kid mashed potatoes, which include the usual fruits, berries, and vegetables. In order not to harm a child, choose fruit and vegetable food with moderate acidity (up to 0.8%). Meat and fish products are better from the age of 8-9 months when a kid can digest and assimilate the maximum of useful substances contained in such complementary foods. The main types of the assortment of baby food are milk formulas, baby porridge, baby purees and juices, cookies, tea, and water.

Milk formula

During the first year of life, children are fed on designed milk formula. It fully meets the child’s needs for substances necessary for weight gain and development. At the end of the 19th Century Pharmacist, Henri Nestle developed the first formulation, there are several groups of formulas:

  • regular adapted formula(suits for kids without any diseases)
  • treatment formula (for babies with a lack of weight, or who suffer from burping or digestive problems e.g. HiPP Anti-Reflux helps to relieve any discomfort in babies stomach and helps in digestion)
  • night formula (with a calming, relaxing effect)

The contents of such children’s products contain prebiotics, probiotics, nucleotides, fatty acids, and other useful ingredients. 

Baby porridge

For one year baby, Oatmeal is the best food. Baby porridge distinguishes by its high content of vitamins and minerals. Porridge with pre-and probiotics has a beneficial effect on the microflora, helping to solve problems with stool, which often occur in children in the first years of life.

What’s more, there is no need to cook porridge which is not only convenient but also allows preserving maximum useful vitamins which can disappear while boiling. Porridge contains oatmeal, millet, rice, buckwheat, and other cereals with beneficial properties. It helps to normalize the baby’s digestion. The first cereals should not contain gluten (it delays the normal digestion of food), salt, and sugar.

Purees, juices, and cookies|Baby Food Products

The list of infants’ products would not be complete without the kids’ favorite treats. Juices, mashed potatoes, and cookies for the little ones are not only tasty but also very healthy. These baby products are prepared with fruits and vegetables, organic grains, and premium quality meat and by-products from healthy animals. They face strict control at all stages of production and meet high international quality and safety standards. 

The baby puree is used normally from about 6 months, when the baby’s organism begins to actively develop and, accordingly, it needs more saturated food. The puree should be a uniform mass without pieces or impurities since a child is not yet ready to digest coarse food. Mashed potatoes must contain one type of vegetable or fruit (not exotic). Apples, carrots, and pumpkin puree are good for your baby. 

Juices have easily digestible properties and work as a supplement. In addition, juices contain a large number of nutrients necessary for a child. Juices come in two forms:

  • natural – freshly squeezed juices with a small content of preservatives, which allow them to be stored for several years
  • recovered – are made from a concentrate obtained by removing liquid from freshly squeezed juice

Also, juices can be without and with pulp. It is advisable to give a child juices without pulp and gradually introduce juices with pulp into the diet.

Baby cookies with healthy vitamins made from grain are suitable for a child who already has its first teeth. They should not contain preservatives, colors, or artificial flavors. Cookies can be a delicious teether.

Drinking water and tea

You can gradually give a kid drink water from the first weeks of life, but for these purposes, it is better to use bottled water. Such water has to meet various quality standards. It should be extracted from artesian wells, undergo several special purifications (including from impurities of sodium and iron), and contain useful substances (fluorine, iodine, calcium).

Tea is an additional baby food product. It contains a variety of herbs (mint, chamomile, anise) with the addition of glucose and natural flavors. Most teas are popular for prophylactic and healing. Teas calm the nervous system and normalize digestion. 

Do not forget to analyze the contents of each product when choosing. Even the best quality food can contain unnecessary or harmful ingredients that a kid may be allergic to.

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