The Ultimate Guide to Verified SMS

google verified sms

Have you heard about Verified SMS? Do you want to know the details regarding it? If yes, you are at the right place. Let’s dive in!

What is Verified SMS?

Verified SMS is a new type of SMS service that allows the customers to know that the text messages sent by you are authentic. It is created by google for android devices and allows you to add your business logo, a description, a verification badge and gives customers the chance to preview any links you’ve added. When you send a google verified SMS message to your targeted customer, it makes the messages seem safer and more reliable. In addition, sender verification helps distinguish between legitimate and spam messages. 

Why Use Google Verified SMS API?

The main benefit of using google verified SMS is that it helps businesses to build trust with their customers. Since the customers can easily see your brand’s logo and preview the URLs embedded within the text; therefore, it reflects that your message isn’t spam or fraud. It helps to give more confidence to the customers to interact with the businesses easily.

Another advantage of using google verified SMS API is that adding branding to the messages helps build brand awareness. This helps to boost the impact of your business, as the texts with branding are considered more reliable and appealing. Google Verified SMS adds reliability to your business SMS messages.

Google Verified SMS Use Cases

There are several ways of using google verified SMS for your business, which include:

Customer Account Verification

Account security is something customers are most concerned about. The businesses can use google verified SMS to send the One-Time Passwords (OTPs) via two-factor authentication. Sending text via OTPs helps to build up trust among the customers.

Fraud Alerts

With digitalisation, the number of fraudulent activities has also increased. As a result, it has become difficult for the customers to trust the businesses. But, a google verified SMS helps ensure that the customers are left with no doubt about the source’s reliability, which thus helps prevent frauds and scams.

Order Confirmations

Following up with the customers after the order has been placed helps to let them know that the payment has been received and their order is being processed. In addition, seeing the logo that they have viewed online and order gives the confirmation that the business is well established.

Marketing Campaigns

With google verified SMS, you can easily send marketing communication messages ranging from flash sale deals to customer rewards. All these messages help to promote trust and engagement among the customers. 

Billing Statements and Payment Reminders

Sending payment reminders becomes more visible and harder to ignore with the branding logo provided with the google verified SMS.

Build Trust with Customers Via Google Verified SMS

Letting your customers know who is contacting them and for what purpose helps to build trust and brand image. The success of every business depends on how satisfied the customers are. Get started sending trustworthy messages through the verified SMS. Get in touch with mTalkz to avail the best services possible. With Mtalkz Google Verified SMS API, you can now designate source phone numbers with Google. Apply for a free demo via their website! 

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