Tips for Writing an Essay: How to Avoid the Most Common Mistakes

writing an essay

Any student probably has already faced the problem to write an essay. You can spend even dozens of hours on this task. You need to visit the library, read and analyze a lot of books to find the appropriate information. Do not forget to create the structure of your future paper. Only after that, you can start writing. As you have understood, it’s a very difficult task even for experienced writers. So, we decided to create this article to discover the most important pieces of advice. We asked for the help of authors of and they kindly agreed to provide some useful pieces of advice for newcomers. If you are one of these inexperienced students, this article will be extremely useful for you.

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How to Write My Own Essay? Can You Advise Me Useful Tips to Avoid the Most Common Mistakes?

If you think that you are not skillful enough to write your own essay, you should know some useful hints. These simple pieces of advice will help you to avoid a lot of mistakes and create a good paper without money at all.

Don’t Forget About Proofreading

The main purpose of students is quite obvious: how to spend less time and get the best paper? So, it’s quite obvious that most students usually don’t want to spend time on proofreading. However, this part of the essay writing process is probably one of the most important. It is enough to read your paper at least twice to detect and edit more than 50% of your mistakes. So, it’s a very bad idea to ignore proofreading. You can ask for the help of your parents if you cannot find your own mistakes. In addition, we can recommend using Grammarly. This service conducts a quick search of mistakes, detects most of them and provides alternatives. It’s very comfortable because you can be sure that your paper is high-quality.

Avoid Passive Voice and Complicated Sentences

It’s a very bad idea to use Passive Voice. This language form is very complicated for readers. So, when you use Passive Voice, you create an additional obstacle on your way to a mutual understanding with the reader. It’s highly recommended to use simple terms and short sentences. If you follow this simple advice, you increase the readability of your paper. Your essay will be more interesting and significantly better. So, don’t try to make it too complicated. Your main purpose is to explain your point of view, that’s why this text has to be simple for understanding.

Choose the Appropriate Topic

The rated author can prove that it’s one of the most important aspects of any paper.  The topic of your essay has to be interesting both for your readers and you as a writer. In addition, if you don’t want to spend dozens of hours on your research, you need deep knowledge in this particular sphere. Only in this instance, you will manage to decrease the number of hours which you have to spend on essay writing.

If you cannot create your own interesting topic, you can visit special websites, which gathers them. It’s a common problem for students, that’s why these websites are extremely popular. They provide high-quality topics for biology, chemistry, physics, psychology, philosophy and even law essays. Just consider all of them and choose the best one. You should also create an eye-catching title to grab the attention of readers. So, you can change the topic a bit to make your title more interesting.

Therefore, it’s quite obvious that any online essay writing service can make your life significantly easier. However, if you really want to create your own essay, you should follow our simple recommendations. Just stick to these pieces of advice and you will manage to overcome a lot of common mistakes of inexperienced authors. 

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