What to Consider When Buying Rattan Furniture For Your Apartment

furniture for your apartment

Traditionally, rattan garden furniture has always been thought of as being used solely for gardens and outdoor spaces. It is far more adaptable than that. It works perfectly inside and outside of your home.

When you are planning on purchasing the furniture set for your apartment it’s easy to become lost in the vast amount of products available online.

Read on to see our suggestions on what to consider when buying rattan furniture for your apartment.


Consider how many people will be using the rattan garden furniture on a regular basis and how it will stand up to wear and tear.

People who rent are also likely to move home more frequently than property owners, and the loading/unloading/movement of furniture can also have an impact.

Whether it’s standard furniture sets or patio furniture you own, rattan is a highly durable material. Varnishing the rattan will help increase resistance levels. it a cost-effective face-lift in no time at all.

Choose high-quality furniture

The longevity of the furniture will depend on the quality of materials used to make it. Not only does the rattan itself need to be of high quality, but the frame it is weaved around has to be strong and stable for long-term use. Plastic, metal, and particleboard frames tend to warp and crack over time, affecting your comfort. Engineered or kiln-dried hardwood is the best option as they far more robust and less likely to experience similar issues. Investing in higher quality materials may add a little more to the cost. In the long-term, it will actually save money. Furniture Maxi offers a great range of high quality indoor, bedroom, dining, and rattan garden furniture.


Accessibility plays a big part in deciding what kind of rattan garden furniture you purchase. Can you bring ready-made furniture sets up flights of stairs and through doorways?

Or would you prefer to have it delivered in individual pieces so you can assemble it yourself? If you have the space but not the time to piece together furniture, then it may be worth having it delivered whole.

Anyone with access issues may prefer the latter option. if they have the time to assemble the furniture in their home.

Size dimensions

Not only do you have to consider how you will get rattan garden furniture into your apartment, but also how it fits into the dimensions of the room itself.

As with any furniture you purchase, one of the first things to do is to measure the size of the room it will be going into.

You can draw out a rough overhead plan to help you choose the right-sized rattan garden furniture to fit perfectly inside the space.

This applies to everything from 3 and 2-seaters sofas, to armchairs and garden coffee tables and anything thing else you buy.


Nobody wants to spend too long cleaning furniture in order to make it look presentable. It’s an important consideration when searching for rattan garden furniture for your apartment or flat. Rattan is extremely easy to maintain and keep in condition.

Requires only a lightly damp cloth and soapy water to wash the material down. This is great news for parents and pet owners, which means you get more longevity without having to spend too much time.


Over time you are likely to want to change things up around the home to give a fresh look to the space.

It can get a little boring looking at the same things from the same position all the time. That means moving things around to create a new perspective. Rattan garden furniture is great in this regard as it is light and easy to handle. This is particularly useful if you live by yourself and do not have anyone around to lend a helping hand.

Final round-up

Rattan garden furniture ticks many of the right boxes for indoor use as well as outdoor. It is an ideal choice for your apartment.

The pros and cons of the points made above to see how you can make it work in your home.

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