BMI Calculator

BMI Calculator

Many Scientific studies have shown that obese people are more prone to heart-related diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes and a lot of related problems. As people become more and more aware of these facts, everyone starts to exercise and start remedies of being overweight. Before you plunge into any new routine, you must know whether you are within the range of healthy weight, overweight, obese or morbidly obese. In order to know actual result about this, you must calculate your Body Mass Index or BMI.

Most of the people in world struggles with weight loss. Everyone wants better live, but it’s hard to find a real weight loss program that will deliver results. Therefore, BMI (Body Mass Index) calculator can help individuals to maintain a healthy life routine. So what exactly is a BMI Calculator?


A BMI Calculator is a tool used to calculate the Body Mass Index (BMI) of an individual. The equation is simple.

Body Mass Index = (703 x Weight) / (Height) ^ 2

Note: Weight is as per measured in lbs and Height as per measured in inches

Example: If a person weighs 220 lbs. and is 72 inches tall then it would be as follows: (220 * 703) / (72)^2…….(154660) / (5184)….which equals 29.8. That person would have a BMI of 29.8.

Body Mass Index

Your BMI and Healthy Weight Range

Once you know your Body Mass Index (BMI), just compare it to the chart below. High BMI does not mean that you are at any risk. Consult a doctor if you’re not sure.

Males and Females

0 to 18.5 – Underweight

18.5 to 24.9 – Normal

25-29.9 – Overweight

30 and above – Obese

The lowest is the group that is underweight. Then you have the category under a healthy weight. Here also you can see where you stand. It is better to note whether you are closer to the overweight range or towards the underweight group. Then you have a group of people who are obese. Finally, you have an extremely obese lot.


All over world BMI is used to determine if an individual is overweight. Since BMI is used only for a screening tool, anyone who says that you are at health risk before performing any other tests is lying. Doctors will screen individuals for health risks after seeing that their BMI is above normal.

Many websites will boast that is a person has a high BMI, he or she should lose weight. This is not true and can sometimes result is serious health risks. Always consult an actual doctor if you’re not sure. Never take the word of a company trying to sell their product!

My suggestion is to take your BMI and put it in the trash. Over the years, I’ve found that the BMI index is just a way to measure the volume of a person but doesn’t resemble its state of health or even if they are overweight or not. What you should really take into consideration is your body fat percentage and your muscle mass. If you would like to calculate these numbers and learn more about body fat you can search on Google for “fat melting healthy calculator” and you will find many results where you can calculate your BMI, your fat percentage, your RMR and how many nutrients you need to ingest daily.

BMI Chart

When you know that you are obese, you must go see your doctor and tell him what you have realized. Then you need to follow his recommendations. But prevention is better than cure. If you are in a healthy area at present according to BMI, take care of your diet. Engage in regular exercise. If possible, walk or use a bicycle to your office in the morning and evening. You can continue to have a good BMI.


No, it is not necessary. It is a great way to set weight loss goals but the only thing you need to lose weight is to sculpt you mind. On the other hand, you have to be very careful when losing weight. My advice would be to take a fat-loss approach and start from there. The key to a fat-loss approach is to change unhealthy eating habits and keep your metabolism at its peak while trying not to lose muscle mass.

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