The Indisputable Link Between Window Replacement and Your Wellness

Window Replacement

Window are an integral part of your home’s structure, window replacement becomes a priority when the old units become worn out. Once you get past the initial punch of sticker shock at the ubiquitous window showroom, open up your mind to learning all you can about the investment you’re about to make.

Once you discover the beauty you’ll add to your property, you’ll realize that there is another fantastic reason to replace them. To improve your safety and wellness.

We reached out for a chat with the Zen Windows, pros at window replacement in Cedar Park TX. Here are the reasons their customer choose to invest in their products—from a health standpoint.

Amplified home security and feeling of privacy

Thanks to the tinted options and sturdy materials manufacturers use today, windows are tougher than ever before. This fact means that privacy and security are no longer feeling like a stubborn alarm ringing continuously in your brain. 

That’s especially true if your old windows have locks that are no longer working, windows that won’t securely close, or other reasons that you cannot secure your home due to the old units.

New windows, new locks, more security. Enough said.

Improving indoor air quality

Imagine this. Dust, allergens, and pollution from outside your home is carried along air currents and may easily find their way through broken windows. Once inside the residence, they are trapped in and recirculated throughout your home by your central heat or air conditioning.

When inhaled, these tiny particles can cause enormous problems. They could trigger the onset of respiratory disorders such as asthma, allergies, or COPD. Or, they can pass around a nasty virus like the common cold or the flu.  This condition is called “poor indoor air quality.”

However, when you replace your old and broken windows with new ones, you effectively thwart the entry of harmful pollutants and irritants into your house.

Ultra-violet protection

The ultraviolet rays from the sun easily cut a path through old single pane glazing. Incidentally, those damaging rays are carcinogens.

New windows, with ultra-violet protected panes included, are effective barriers for passage of the UV rays.

In addition to being a carcinogen, UV rays also cause damage to your skin. This can cause your skin to age prematurely.

When you opt for UV-coated glazing, therefore, you are minimizing your exposure to those damaging ultra-violet rays.

Strengthened glass if you live in a weather danger zone

In the event of natural disasters such as hurricanes or an earthquake, older units may prove ineffective in providing insulation from the danger. This is because the older materials do not offer the same strength of today’s windows.

If you live in an area prone to earthquakes, hurricanes, or other natural disasters, speak about the possibility of upgraded glass that offers you physical protection and lessens the risk of injury from broken glass in such an event.

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Windows provide safe egress from your home

Some older units just won’t open. In some cases, the old wooden frames were painted closed permanently. And in other cases, the window mechanics are so far out of balance that they opening them up is something akin to wrestling a hungry crocodile.

In either case, you have a dangerous situation. Windows are required in modern-day homes not only to serve ventilation needs but also to provide safe egress from the home.

What’s egress?

Escape. Whether you need to retreat from an intruder who has your cornered and a fire has broken out near the doors, they should serve as a method from fleeing the danger.

If your units no longer operate, you have a hazardous situation afoot.

Protection from noise pollution

Excess noise from outside your house driving you crazy?

Exterior noise stems from children squealing with joy as they play, a location close to factories, vehicles driving down the road, or every day city life.  Regardless, all that noise can take a toll on your mind and cause sleepless nights.

New windows provide not only a heat/cold barrier, but also a sound barrier, to intercept sound waves by bouncing most of it back to the great outdoors.

Many homeowners are surprised (and delighted) to realize how peaceful their environment becomes after them make this purchase.

Final Thoughts on Window Replacement and Your Wellness

You have definitely heard them say “old is gold.” But whoever said that was certainly not referring to your worn out windows!   

Investing in window replacements can have many positive effects. They beautify your home and decrease your energy consumption. But it is startling how many people never consider their wellness when considering this investment. Just food for thought.

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