Car insurance trends in 2019

car insurance

As technology advances and the world progresses, changes can be seen incurring in everything. Car insurance trends have also witnessed some tremendous changes throughout the passing years.

Let us look at and analyze the car insurance trends that are prevailing currently.

A common complaint of people worldwide is that car insurance rates are rising rapidly. In 2019, auto insurance rates have reached its peak and are still rising. What are the reasons for such a significant increase in the rates of car insurance? Let us analyze some of the common reasons for a rapid hike of the auto insurance premiums.

The increasing number of natural disasters:

Catastrophic events also dispensed gigantic misfortunes on insurers in 2018. As a result, many insurance companies made a hefty loss. Damage caused by natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, etc. is generally covered in most of the car insurance policies. To recover the loss made in 2018, the insurance company increased the premiums significantly.

Increase in the number of driving accidents:

The significant hike in the number of car crashes due to distracted driving and drunk driving has cost a fortune to the insurance companies. Rash driving has become a big problem in some of the metro cities in the world. To cover the money they lost in repairing the damaged cars, the insurance agencies have hiked the insurance premiums significantly.

Advancement of technology and the rise of hightech vehicles:

The hybrid and advanced vehicles have costly parts and systems. The advancement in technology simultaneously increases the repairing cost. The more advanced the car is, the higher the amount which the insurance agencies have to pay for its repairing. They have no choice but to increase the insurance premiums to cover their costs. This is one of the most significant reasons for a continuous hike in the insurance premiums in the year 2019.

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Also At this point, a question arises in our minds. What will be the scenario in the near future? Will the car insurance also keep on hiking or will there be a significant reduction in its price?

The answer is quite logical. If the loss-causing patterns mentioned above continue and the no of driving accidents increases, the car insurance premiums will also show a substantial increase. On the other hand, if the loss-causing patterns reduce and people adapt to safe driving, then the car insurance premiums will definitely diminish.

Even car insurance companies are facing new challenges every day.

Let us look at some of the major challenges which insurance companies are facing in 2019.

  • Self-driving cars: as more and more self-driving cars are emerging in the market, the insurance companies are left with a big question. Who will be responsible for the accidents involving self-driving cars? This will be a major concern for insurance agencies in the near future.
  • Data gathering and Data analysis: in today’s world of big data, understanding & sorting data, and making logical business decisions is vital. The insurance companies collect a lot of data from customers. Protecting, securing and preserving data is a big challenge for them due to the increasing number of cyber-attacks and data breaches.
  • Increasing global warming: the increase in the number of natural disasters has also increased car insurance premiums already. As global warming increases, the insurance companies are left with a new challenge to manage their policies and taking care that the prices or not over-hiked or else they will lose customers.

The above article informed us a lot about the current trends in car insurance.

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