Who Has the Best Pizza Rewards Program?

pizza rewards

A good pizza needs a good dough. A great pizza will earn you some dough. Is your pizza rewards program doing all it can for you? Your pizza store should be committed to more than just making a great pizza, they should be committed to treating you well. So what makes the best pizza rewards program? Take a look.

It’s Easy Peasy

Pizza reward programs should be simple and straight forward, right? After all, there’s nothing complicated about out great food, so there shouldn’t be anything complicated about earning a few points, either. Here are the five easy steps to earning your pizza rewards:

  1. Sign up. It’s pretty tough to participate if you don’t get your name on the list. Go to the pizza store website and create an account. You can then sign up for the rewards program.
  2. Order. Place your pizza order. You can do this online, with the app, over the phone, or in person. You should earn points regardless.
  3. Earn points. A nice point system is one point for every buck you spend. If the rewards program isn’t one-to-one, look for a better deal.
  4. Convert the points. Most programs convert the points into dollar equivalents, such as 75 points equal one dollar.
  5. Cash in. Spend your earned rewards on subsequent orders.

Works for Delivery or Takeout

If you’re eyeballing all the amazing delivery pizza specials, never fear, a rewards program is good for everything. To find the best deals, sign up for exclusive offers. Most pizza stores will email or text you weekly discounts and specials that let you get more bang for your buck.

Make sure you’re getting all the great offers by downloading apps. Look for the apps at the Apple Store or Google Play. Not only will you see special offers, you can sign up for the rewards program, order pizzas, and track pizza order all with a few swipes of your finger. Getting the good food you want quickly has never been easier.

Don’t Forget the Good Stuff!

While you’re checking out pizza specials, don’t forget the sides, dessert, and appetizers. They can all be earning you points, too. There’s no limit on the points you can earn with a good pizza rewards program, so go ahead and indulge a bit. Create your own pizza with the following options:

  • Type of crust. Do you like it thin and crispy? Take your pick and earn the points.
  • Type of sauce. You can have BBQ, buffalo, ranch, alfredo, or good old-fashioned tomato sauce.
  • Cheese. Throw on some extra or a little 3-cheese blend.
  • Meats. You can choose from a multitude of meats. Mix and match or be a purist. Whatever brings you joy.
  • Veggies. Mushrooms, olives, peppers, pineapple: you name it, they’ve got it. Layer them on for the best pizza you’ve ever had.

Sign Up Today

Now that your mouth is watering, it’s time to sign up. Get onboard with a pizza rewards program and enjoy the perks.

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