One of the great things about Charleston, South Carolina, is the fact that it is walkable. The fact that you can walk to most places that you are interested in is what makes it a great place to have a vacation. Either you are an international traveller or not, this place would be perfect for you. You just have to ensure that you get the perfect place to stay and the place to eat. If you get there at fall or spring, you would find that Charleston is one great place to be.

There are lots of things to do in Charleston, and one day won’t be enough to explore it all. This is why we have packed a number of places that you can go to for a nice time. You can head on to any one of the places. We know you might not be able to visit them all, but you can head on to any one of them as time permits you.


the Charleston city market is in the central part of Charleston, and everything you would need is right here. It is open every day of the year, and you would find stuff like paintings, handmade pottery, the famous sweetgrass baskets, jewellery, souvenirs, and lots more. This is definitely the place to head to, and you want to take something back home to give your loved ones.


this where your wallet would go dry if you are not careful. It is a large shopping area, and one can say it is one of the best in the world. It has everything you need ranging from small curated collection to the big brands like Vineyard Vines.


Those that love taking a lot of pictures would find this place irresistible. It is one of the top Instagram spots in the city, due to its beauty and history. It is located at the area south of Broad Street. You would notice 14 famous houses that are in a row and painted with bright pastels of every colour you can find on the rainbow. These buildings have retained quality and a lot of its history since 1740.


if this is your first time visiting the south, then the Boone Hall Plantation and Gardens should be your first stop. It is one of the most famous and oldest working plantations in America. It continually grows crops and has been in existence for over 320 years. This location has even been brought to the limelight especially for its roles in the movie (The Notebook) – we all know the house that caused a lot of fuzz in the movie. Another movie it was made popular with is that Forrest Gump. Besides, some people might have noticed that this as the place that Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively got married. If you take a tour around this plantation, then you would learn a lot about slavery and more of southern history.

Talking about history, we must also not forget that there are people from all over the world dying to see Charleston. If you are international traveller reading this article, it is important that you know what ESTA is. So what is ESTA? ESTA is the pass that grants international travellers access into the United States if they are citizens of a country under the Visa Waiver Program. ESTA is not as stressful as some would think, as it only takes about five minutes for the whole process. Just ensure that you check ESTA status online if you have completed the form and waiting for approval.

The next place that we would love you to go to is


one of the things Charleston is popular for is its haunted history. The only way to get to know about this scary-rich history is by going on the ghost tour. The best way to enjoy the ghost tour is by going on the tour by night. This gives you access to the 18th century Unitarian Church Graveyard, and there is no doubt that a lot of magical adventures await you!


this is one of the historic highlights of Charleston. There are little or no horse carriage rides in a lot of countries today, and we can’t blame anything but civilization and technological advancement for it. However, there is no way you would get on one of these rides and not feel like you are travelling through time. This ride brings an aura of being in the old centuries, and it is going to be worth the entire ride. You would be taken through the Holy City and its history of the civil war. Even if you are not a fan of history, you would love to see all that the trip has in store for you.

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