Top places to travel on a budget in India

Places to travel in India

India as a travel destination allows you to have some of the finest flavours of traveling as part of the unity in diversity. Often people do not want to go for high profile and costly tour packages, but they prefer more budget-friendly family packages. India offers you a wide palette of hills, world heritage sites, forests, and even oceans and national parks which can be travelled in budget-friendly packages. You can chalk out several tour plans when you go through different travel websites.

This is a list of top 10 places to travel on a budget in India:


This place occupies a major role among the travel destinations in India. Although major Kerala tour packages often cost much, if you travel to Alleppey you can also get your rooms between INR 350-700 and also get all your packaged meals starting at INR 700 only. If you are too keen on hiring houseboats for staying, then you can divide the price between four or five friends for two nights and three days.


There are many hotels and tourist spots in Goa that offer you food and lodging even within a shoestring budget. You can spend your time on the shacks, chill out with your friends, or even go for some quaint homestays which offer you scenic beauty and sumptuous lunch spread both. To spend your time well, you can hire a motorbike and start exploring the local markets, forts, churches, and pubs and the quintessential beauty of Goa, the beaches.

Darjeeling the queen of hills:

There are many budget hotels and homestays nearby when you visit Darjeeling the queen of hills. You can simply enjoy the morning sunlit view of the Kanchenjungha from your rooms, or visit the monasteries, parks, and gardens to soothe your tired soul. Or You can check out hotels that come under the budget category of INR 500- INR 800 per day, and meals also cost less when you book the rooms in packages. You can gorge on club sandwiches, steamed momos, and the famous Darjeeling tea as you take a small ride of ponies when you visit the Darjeeling Mall.


If you are on a tight budget then the roads, the prayer halls, and the quaint little villages of Pondicherry can also be the best and the most comfortable tourist destinations for you. You can get a room and free food in Mother’s Ashram in Pondicherry and you can even go all around the city in a cycle or you can even rent a two-wheeler if necessary. Somehow, if you feel like enjoying a little bit more outside, you can try out the alcohols which are surprisingly cheap.

Itanagar in Arunachal:

North East and parts of Arunachal have always been some of the most favourite spots of globe-trotters all around the world. with its quaint beauty, sky-kissing mountains, farms, vast stretches of green and gushing rivers and rivulets, Itanagar will provide you all the best amenities that you can expect of a luxurious holiday destination. You can get budget hotels as part of a package or else, you can also customise your package and go for tailor-made holiday packages that can be incorporated as part of the itinerary. Even if you do not go to hotels, there is a provision that you can go for homestays where the locals would be happy to welcome you with the best food dishes.

McLeodganj near Dharamshala in Himachal:

There is a general opinion that traveling to Himachal is very costly. But this is always not the case. For the scenic beauty and the serene mountainscape that you find in Mcleodganj, you can go for cheap treks, with local huts, homestays and even dormitories that will offer you quality food at an affordable price. You can go for horse riding, or simply sitting around the villages watching the sunset and enjoying a blissful vacation.

Banaras or Varanasi:

Although Varanasi is known more for its religious intonations and religious interests, you can actually visit this tourist spot as a major travel destination. The place offers a wonderful site for travel photography all the year round, with houses, roads, cows and serpentine lanes that speak vividly of history and Indian culture. The aarti during the late evening at the Dashashwamedh ghat is simply superb with candle and lamp lights flickering and creating a unique spiritual effect altogether. You can get several cheap hotels in Varanasi and the food price can vary depending on vegetarian or non-vegetarian food that you choose.


It is one of the finest tourist spots in south India. If you want to live in some budget hotels, guest houses, and then enjoy world-class leadership and the best modern facilities that are available at the lowest price possible. You can go for seeking peace, spirituality and inner solitude among the goodness of pristine nature. Visit not just the beaches here, but also the beautiful temples and the beaches washed by sunlight. You can simply relax during a cozy afternoon on the beaches. There are single and double room systems available in the local hotels and dormitories and if you are a part of a large group, then you can also go for sharing the bedding and the food packages.

Murthal around Delhi:

This is not a much-visited place when it comes to the capital city of India. Murthal is known for its delicious dishes, and from Delhi, you can take a short, two-hour trip to this place. It is a place that is located near Sonipat, Haryana and you can enjoy lip-smacking paranthas with dollops of butter when you start navigating the place.

Digha Beach:

It is a quaint beach town that is located in Midnapore district of West Bengal. You can visit this place as a weekend getaway and you can avail budget hotels and dormitories here, which offer all the comfort of your home. Guesthouses and government lodging are also available, so if you book in advance, you can avail the facilities through the government’s online portals.

Travelling within budget has become easy now:

Now, traveling within a specific budget has become very easy. You must remember a few things, however, when you go for budget-friendly spots in India:

  • Budget-friendly does not mean that you have to compromise with the quality. It is better to bargain, but if you find some cheap hotels online, you must first inquire about the facilities and the packages that they are asking. You should compare several sites and then accordingly choose a distinct one.
  • You should always consider the safety of the place beforehand, especially if you are traveling alone. Budget-friendly places should also provide you the required security. It is important that they give you the right roadmap, proper safety features, lock and key systems for all your baggage and things like that.

Finally, when you start searching for top places to travel on a budget, you should know that the budget can go a little higher sometimes, as, during the peak and the festive seasons, the demand in most tourist places remains extremely high. There are hill tours, adventure tours, hiking, family safari packages and many other tailor-made varieties that you can get when you book your travel itinerary to India. Happy traveling!

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